LLC "1Oil Management"
Mediation board
Mediation board
The asset management company 1Oil and companies which affairs are managed by it, work for strengthening partnership with business partners. We have established a Mediation board in order to settle disputes and handle complaints of individuals and legal entities with respect to completive bidding rules.
Purposes and principles
The Mediation board examines complaints about the process of organizing and conducting procurement procedures, inter alia credentials, choice and banning of business partners. It does not establish terms and conditions of signed agreements and it neither settles disputes related to their execution.

The companies of the 1Oil Group would welcome substantiated and objective complaints from business partners helping to improve the procurement procedure which would provide equal rights and opportunities for all the counterparties.
The Mediation board should preclude discrimination against counterparties who file their substantiated and objective complaints. Contacting the Mediation board should not be the reason for refusing participation in subsequent procurement and in bidding procedures, for denying declaring complaining business partner a winner or for non-granting contracts.

Who may apply?
Every business partner, including potential one, may file request with Mediation board for an independent analysis of the situation and for making an objective decision if this business partner believes that procurement procedures in 1Oil Group of Companies violate established rules.
Complaint filing procedure
Fill it in and scan it
Sent this complaint for and attach supporting documents via form entry (below) or by E-mail
Dear Clients!

Kindly ask you to be careful and cautious in execution of your transactions. Please use only those links, phone numbers and e-mails that are indicated on the official website of the FirstOil Group .

The LLC "1Oil Management" security detects attempts of unidentified persons to commit fraudulent actions with respect to counterparties wishing to offer their products to the Companies of the 1Oil Group.

These persons use websites and email addresses that look like official ones, however, with the additional extension elements, as well as fake seals with signatures and stamps with company's logo while sending false company details both to potential sellers and buyers. They get in this way access to information about price offers, volumes and terms of delivery and may afterwards conduct negotiations on behalf of the LLC "1Oil Management" and other entities in the 1Oil Group.

In order to avoid adverse effects for the companies that you represent, we kindly ask all the contractors to use only those contact details of executives and data that you find on our official homepage:


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