Environmental issues
Fundamental direction of development - environmental responsibility
1Oil Group is bent on minimization of environmental risks and it commits considerable financial resources to environmental protection.

• Land care
Contracts are annually concluded with specialized enterprises for removal and subsequent disposal of production waste.

The company is now actively removing "dead hand of the past" while carrying out works on the reclamation of oil-contaminated land, disturbed by activities of its predecessors.

• Water protection
Monitoring of water condition in places of underwater pipelines' crossings is carried out annually.

Operation of sources of drinking water supply is carried out in strict accordance with the Federal Law Nr. 52-FZ "Sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population" dd. March 30, 1999.
• Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring is carried out annually. It includes monitoring of atmospheric air, atmospheric precipitation (snow cover), surface water, bottom sediments, groundwater, soil on the territory. The monitoring results indicate consistent declining trend with respect to concentration of pollutants.

• Additional environmental education

In accordance with the Federal Law Nr. 7-FZ "Environmental protection" dd. 10.01.2020, the executives and decision-makers, responsible for the implementation of economic and other activities that have or may have any negative impact on the environment, are trained in environment protection and environmental safety.

Dear Clients!

Kindly ask you to be careful and cautious in execution of your transactions. Please use only those links, phone numbers and e-mails that are indicated on the official website of the FirstOil Group .

The LLC "1Oil Management" security detects attempts of unidentified persons to commit fraudulent actions with respect to counterparties wishing to offer their products to the Companies of the 1Oil Group.

These persons use websites and email addresses that look like official ones, however, with the additional extension elements, as well as fake seals with signatures and stamps with company's logo while sending false company details both to potential sellers and buyers. They get in this way access to information about price offers, volumes and terms of delivery and may afterwards conduct negotiations on behalf of the LLC "1Oil Management" and other entities in the 1Oil Group.

In order to avoid adverse effects for the companies that you represent, we kindly ask all the contractors to use only those contact details of executives and data that you find on our official homepage: https://firstoil.ru/contacts


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