1Oil Group of Companies
Independent oil and gas producer in Russia.
Specializes in exploration and production in the Komi Republic and
Khanty-Mansi autonomous area

1Oil Group was established in 2014-2015 through the acquisition of oil assets from international energy companies, which at that time were optimizing their portfolios in Russia, and by way of the acquisition of licenses at public sales. The Company currently holds 10 operating assets under absolute control of the asset management company - LLC "1Oil Management".
The Group operates in two production clusters – Komi and Western Siberia.

Group's total oil production in 2020 amounted to 480 ktn.
Annual production growth from 575 thousand to 1 million tons by 2024 is fueled by ongoing drilling at existing sites and development of new pools.
High potential for further production growth
This team has carved out within 5 years an oil company with steady production and operation centers in each of the production clusters.
Professional team
Licensed areas with new exploration targets are located close to developed sites → minimization of CAPEX in infrastructure during their placing in operation.
Advanced infrastructure
The total recoverable oil reserves are 24.5 million tons (AB1 + B2) with the potential for growth up to 37.1 million tons (D0). The forecast reserves of D&M 2P are over 13.9 million tons.
Significant reserves and resources
The company has direct tie-in points to the pipeline system of PJSC Transneft at both clusters.
Tie-in to Transneft system
Licensed areas are located by the side of the huge oil production centers with regular flights connection.
Convenient geographic position
1Oil – list of legal entities
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The LLC "1Oil Management" security detects attempts of unidentified persons to commit fraudulent actions with respect to counterparties wishing to offer their products to the Companies of the 1Oil Group.

These persons use websites and email addresses that look like official ones, however, with the additional extension elements, as well as fake seals with signatures and stamps with company's logo while sending false company details both to potential sellers and buyers. They get in this way access to information about price offers, volumes and terms of delivery and may afterwards conduct negotiations on behalf of the LLC "1Oil Management" and other entities in the 1Oil Group.

In order to avoid adverse effects for the companies that you represent, we kindly ask all the contractors to use only those contact details of executives and data that you find on our official homepage: https://firstoil.ru/contacts


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